Gift Basket trends…biblical lessons in a modern world

It’s not hard to notice how spoiled we are as a modern civilization.  When we need food, we just jump in the car and go to the grocery store, or worse – order take-out!  We turn the lights on and off, the heat on and off, and the air conditioning too!

Children, and adults, focus on the television, video games and computers as if it was as important as life itself!!

Cook an actual meal?  Wow, how many people do you know who actually do that anymore?  I know there are millions of people who do cook everyday, but it seems that those we come into contact with on a regular basis, are always talking about what a chore it is to cook.  Either they don’t know what to make, don’t like the healthy choices, or they just don’t have the energy!  If only they would realize how much money they could save over the course of time, and what nutritional benefits they could acquire with simple, wholesome cooking, the population of this country would not be in the unhealthy state that it is!

Let’s go back in time for a bit…..way back,  in fact.  Only the rich had the luxuries that we take for granted today as normalcy.  And, of course, there were no grocery stores.  You either went to a farm to buy or trade what you needed, or, you grew your own.

You either walked, or rode a donkey, or buggy, to your destination.  The goods that you bought were transported in burlap bags or hand woven baskets.  There were no Rubbermaid® bins, cardboard crates or plastic bags.  Baskets were the in thing and no home was without them.  This was the ultimate container of its time!

Setting off down the road, or off to the next village for a visit?  You can just picture this in your mind, can’t you?  Like something familiarly out of a Cecil B. DeMille movie!   Of course, everyone was carrying a basket.  Baskets were full of food, wine, clothes, grain and anything else to fulfill the needs of the family.  Dating back to biblical times, and the ancient Egyptians, baskets evolved the world over.  We have history pages full of this type of living in all parts of the world –  Asia, Europe and into the New World.  Native Americans have created a legacy of basketweaving in this country that is world renowned and highly respected.  Some methods are unchanged still to this day.  And those that are used in manufacturing today were directly assimilated from their beginnings.  Transporting cargo and gift giving was an ever popular fashion.  Everyone’s gift was contained in a basket.  There were no gift boxes and beautiful wrapping paper and bows to garnish the usefully intended item.  Gift baskets were the only way to fulfill the need and were very functional.   No wonder it still is customary today!

I know you’ve been in this predicament before.  You have an event to go to, or a gift to send someone.  Perhaps you are not entirely sure what their likes or dislikes are.  You don’t want to get too personal, especially with a co-worker or client.  There’s not a person out there that wouldn’t appreciate a beautiful gift basket delivered right to their door.  At first glance, it makes a lasting impression.  The contents can be shared with family members and friends.  And, best of all, the aftermath of the gift can be reused!  Who’s not into recycling today?

Gift basket containers make great sources of organization for your home or office, too.  They can also be reused for other functions, such as planters, toys, cooking utensils, magazine racks, school supplies or craft stations.

But, most of all, quality, well-designed gift baskets made exclusively by Dolce Vita Baskets, laden with good things to eat, or to pamper a loved one, are hard to beat.  In a top choice poll, most people would agree that the gift of preference in most situations would be the receipt of a gift basket.  You are delivered a beautiful item, you consume the contents and you’re done.  No more useless gifts, no more storage of items you don’t need, and one less trip to the consignment shop!

I welcome you to breeze through our website and make some selections for all of your gift giving needs.

Dolce Vita Baskets….gift baskets for the sweet life!

Autumn Harvest

Autumn Harvest

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  1. This site is so great because I like reading about the history of
    how some of our holidays have begun – the recipes given are
    great and the packaging of the products are wonderful
    and really do make great gifts!

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