We can all think back to the wonderful times as children, experiencing the wonder, joy and great expectations of Christmas morning.  Over time, all the excitement we shared slowly manifests into a different “package.”  As shocking as it may be, we are adults!

Now, we are the ones who must be responsible to create the magic!  It is the inherent position bestowed upon us by our parents, and grandparents.  No doubt, it is uplifting and gratifying to catch the glimmer in the eyes of a child.  And, your heart does skip a beat knowing you’ve made someone feel good, deserving, and special.

I have never been one to go to extremes for Christmas, always trying to hold on to the true meaning of the holiday.  In our family, we were devoted to the traditions of our ethnic background and focused so much of the efforts on food and family gatherings.  I remain in this mode today.  Of course, each of us always enjoyed a special gift, or it just wouldn’t be Christmas.  But, it was minimal compared to the standards of today.

I can still remember vividly, with the greatest sense of hilarity, that my sister would comment on the ever famous “robe and slippers” that we received every year from our beloved mother! And of course, there was Dad, who without fail, would present all of us with cash, in a holiday “money envelope” from the bank!  It was so predictable that we began to refer to him as “Scrooge”!  Such a joke, spawned his pseudo character name for every Christmas thereafter!  In actuality, it was the perfect blend – a warm and fuzzy outfit for a cozy Christmas night, and cold hard cash to hit the sales the following week.  Perhaps we were ahead of our time and didn’t know it!

Truthfully speaking, I find it comforting to engage ourselves in enjoying delectable holiday specialties and spending quality time with family and friends.  Every year I have to watch “The Homecoming” written by Earl Hamner, who created the hit television show of the 70’s, “The Waltons”.  If for only a couple of hours, it will cure you of the holiday madness that most of us fall prey to.  It’s very cute to watch this type of venue, and appreciate the characters, with a twinkle in their eyes, while receiving a small gift in a pretty package, with a nice ribbon and bow.  After all, the package is the first impression and the path to the heart of the holiday gift!   But they were so grateful and satisfied with the kind gesture of friendship and love.

Hopefully, much of this feeling is just the same today as you think of your loved ones and family this Christmas.  I use the phrase “Heart of the Holidays” as a simple reminder and reflection of times past.  Spread the joy and warmth this Christmas with great memories from times of yore.

At  Dolce Vita Baskets it is our hope to help you connect with this extraordinary spirit.  And don’t forget, you’re never too old to leave cookies for Santa!!  Many blessings, and Merry Christmas!

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