For some, the end of the year brings upon feelings of relief that another year is far behind us.  But, for others, it’s a way to rejoice for a new beginning!

It’s not hard to stray from the path that we lay before us on January 1st.  Life is complicated, and we can easily retract to our old ways without remorse or regrets.  Although the success rate of your goals may be less than you had hoped for, it can still prove to be positive in the long run with some minor adjustments.

Perhaps you set your expectations too high, for example, to lose 20 pounds by a certain date.  Or, it might be that you vowed to be a better spouse or friend or parent.  Realizing that you’ve taken on too much, or that you’ve been too hard on yourself is no reason to give up totally!  Allow ample time to gradually make those positive changes to attain your victory.  One often forgets that Rome was not built in a day!

Deep down, regardless of what outside influences may affect us, most people are hard pressed to accomplish a progression of success.  A New Year’s resolution does not have to be one that involves a drastic change in your life, it can be focused on sustenance; the mind set to stay the course and cultivate your assets.

Any number of these scenarios will bear resemblance to your situation.  With careful selection and determination, only you can draw the landscape of your future!  And only you will know the time to begin.  And only you can make it happen.

After all, our passions, loved ones, faith and the air we breathe complete the “dolce vita” – the sweet life!

Happy New Year from Dolce Vita Baskets……may you prosper!!

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