Mother’s Day Gifts With A Tea Party Twist

Tracing through the memories of all the Mother’s Day events in my life, whether for my mother, or as a mother, none were so memorable as the one that depicted the essence of a woman.

The finest of Mother’s Day gifts fashioned in a forum for women by women through the creation of a tea party proved to be the most influential tribute to us all.


Imagine yourself in a setting that time has forgotten.  You are a woman; you epitomize the images of beauty and grace.  You are the matriarch; you are the core of family values and nourishment.

Loved ones and friends idolize you for your presence and knowledge.  Time has not forgotten the stature and purpose of a woman.  Some women have become historical celebrities.  Visions resurface of  Cleopatra, Josephine, Joan of Arc, Madame Curie, Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, and the like, as we reflect on women of greatness.  Some never attain recognition in history or society, but nevertheless, they have become an integral mecca for those who adore them.

Ordinary women, and I use the term ordinary very lightly, are celebrities in their own right creating an entourage of followers solely by their existence and fellowship.  This is the purpose.


Imagine yourself in a setting that has diminished with time.  Dignified women arranged at spring gardenesque venues gather for afternoon tea.  Bathed in feminine attire they are wearing hats and gloves and flowing dresses.  Intoxicating perfume emits from the fresh flowers so elegantly displayed on the tables, and floats through the air.  Tinkling tea cups designed with elaborate motifs made of the finest bone china encapsulate the exotic blends of comforting teas.

Particularly eminent are the sweet aromas of rich buttery pastries and soft creamy finger sandwiches.  Fresh berries topped with crème fraiche, and a hint of vanilla, melt on your palate before it touches your lips.  Colorful plates and lace cut doilies accent the beautiful presentation of petit fours and truffles.

Blissfully in the background you hear the celestial murmur of harp and violin captivating your soul in such a way to soothe and mesmerize your heart.  In a quiet soliloquy you may gather your thoughts.   It is at this moment that all the senses are engaged with satisfying eloquence.  This is the experience.


The bond between women is unmatched by any other group.  Women consult, console, cajole and communicate.  They respect, resonate, rejoice and reconcile.  Where there is pain and suffering you will find a woman who can heal in her own gentle way.  Where there is sadness and disappointment a woman can provide kindness and sentiment with words unspoken.

Among us there are women who can evoke such powerful proclamations and offer a nurturing spirit simultaneously.  The appreciation and connection between women is a unique and commanding characteristic. No one can understand a woman in the way another woman can. The method by which a woman performs such feats is not a learned skill, but born to her.  This is the appreciation.


By far, the tea party landscape provided a platform for women to reenact an era that has long passed into obscurity.  As women have moved in tremendous strides toward success and independence, regardless of their struggles or stature, they are women first.   Being a woman, personifying her feminine side, by no means distracts from her strength and fortitude.  On the contrary, it exemplifies her presence, her position and her passions.  Such a beautiful celebration has given us a taste for days gone by and a loving tribute to the women who have touched us along the way.

Discover a new approach for Mother’s Day gifts this year, and compliment the special women in your life with a twist on an old fashioned favorite.  The memory will last a lifetime.  Pinkies up ladies!!!!

Tea Rose Gift BasketDolce Vita Baskets

Tea Rose Gift Basket

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