Antioxidants In Fruit Make For A Healthier Lifestyle

“Fruit is rich in antioxidants” and “antioxidants may be effective in preventing some cancers” are some of the most commonly used phrases today. We’ve all heard it before, time and again, about the health benefits of eating fruit. It’s not until you really start to ponder the notion that the message becomes clear.

Just this morning I was enjoying my whole grain cereal complimented with fresh fruit, and I became focused on the term antioxidant. It’s been drilled into our heads over and over that fresh fruit is full of antioxidants, but without analyzing the reasons behind it, we just follow along, as with most trends in society today. We’re told that something is good for our health, but we never take the time to justify the means, but we follow suit. Although in this case it’s not a bad idea to take heed to these suggestions, it bears more credibility to fully comprehend the lesson.

Consider the word oxidation. This is a scientific process that occurs when oxygen intermingles with cells; such as those present in the skin on our bodies, in a piece of fruit, or a slice of meat. The cells are then broken down and destroyed thus making the product rancid. When we think in terms of our bodies, and what can occur in this instance, we know that we will reproduce fresh new cells to sustain life and health. But because the environment can place burden on the natural components of human cell production, the body needs help. Your body needs to soak up as much as it can get to combat our lifestyles and elements. These powerful soldiers work with your body to slow down and repair the oxidation process, hence, antioxidants.

Be aware of your surroundings on a daily basis. The sun is very damaging and without protection it creates a great deal of cell damage. We cannot avoid pollution, unless you live in the sierra, or on a barren desert. And there again, it would be debatable as you might find motor vehicles and aircraft within some range or proximity. If you do not smoke cigarettes or other tobacco products, chances are someone near you does. It doesn’t take much to have the second hand smoke or the odors left behind on their clothing, upholstery and breath to affect you. Daily we are exposed to pollutants from cleaning products and pesticides but rarely consider them harmful because the reality of their uses are somewhat diminished by the conveniences they provide.

So what does this all mean? Should you hide yourself in seclusion? Hardly. But be mindful, and make sound decisions for the quality of your health. Incorporate fresh fruit daily into your diet. It’s not that difficult, really. Enjoy it first thing in the morning with your breakfast. Bring an apple with you to work for a mid morning snack, instead of gobbling down a donut or buttered roll. After lunch, enjoy a fresh juicy orange to top off your meal. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how you have satisfied your appetite, with its fiber rich qualities. When you’ve finished your evening meal, prepare a snack before settling down in front of the television with junk food. Try a slightly warmed pear with maple syrup and a dollop of whip cream, or a microwave baked apple with cinnamon and brown sugar. Offer some fruit to family and friends as an alternative to other desserts. Send a beautiful fruit basket to someone you care about the next time you are looking for a sincere gift. Put your imagination to the test and try a different approach!

Contemplate on the words you’ve heard for as long as you can remember. Eat healthy. Fruits are highly concentrated with antioxidants, the mastermind behind the road to good health.

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