Family Bonds and Maintaining Relationships Despite the Distances

After many years of pondering, planning, and procrastinating, in the year 2000 my family and I made a decision to move to Virginia. There were several reasons to have inspired us to engage in such a courageous endeavor. Throughout the transition and setting forth into the journey we found ourselves embarking on a wonderful adventure. Most assuredly the move has proven to be an astonishing opportunity for all of us. The new life that we created in our new environment has been a most lucrative, and sensible conclusion to a very long debate.

My boys were quite young when we decided to go on this quest, and they both seemed to adjust very complacently in a very short time. As adults, it took just a little longer to adapt to the different lifestyles and cultures set forth before us. But the relocation that we ultimately made has enlightened us to many things.

I guess you could say that I was raised a “city” girl, and I was not readily exposed to nature and it’s glory. My parents were first generation Americans and worked very hard, through many tough times while they were growing up. I do remember vividly, though, how my father was a devout animal lover and he would always share his knowledge of species from the animal kingdom with my sister and me.

I can truly say that my boys have become completely comfortable with the country setting, and their grandfather would have been very proud of them today. I have learned so much from them about animals that I have never seen before, and customs and cultures that I never knew existed. And what does this teach you? It teaches you that you can always discover new components of life, and an innovative respect for anything that is foreign to you.

Moving to a new area and assimilating to the traditions and way of life of its inhabitants raises your awareness and appreciation of them. But taking the plunge like we did to start a fresh life, and having experienced life on a new level, has never for a moment removed us from the fond memories of our past and the families that we love so dearly.

Being so far away from the family for all these years, can conjure up a lot of memories, more often, than perhaps, if I was not so far removed. The memories are good, however, and it does keep alive in my heart all the wonderful, fun times sharing great food, laughter, and music.

In my home, I try to instill traditional sentiments. With our current lifestyle in a busy society, that is not always so easy. But I truly believe it is well worth the sacrifice, and it is especially important to me to bestow these values and customs on to my boys.

In the latter part of 2009 I had the pleasure of meeting Earl Hamner. If you don’t already know, he is the author of the book “The Homecoming”. This book later became a teleplay for CBS in the 70’s and was the #1 hit show, “The Waltons”. The Hamners were the real life “Waltons” and all of the characters on the show were based on all the family members. I have always loved the show, and it is ironic that during my long tenure spent at CBS television I never met him. He was born and raised near Charlottesville, in a little town called Schuyler, and was coming back for a reunion. I was so pleased to have met him, and he really touched me. If you heard him speak of the values of family and the memories that live in each of us, you would be filled with emotion. You would be embraced with a sense of peacefulness, just by hearing his soothing voice.

More importantly, he left me with a gift, of knowing the true value of families. I know that not all of us have the “Walton” household, and maybe the show was a stretch of the imagination too, but we can’t deny that from time to time we do slip away from the importance of our families. Perhaps meeting Mr. Hamner was a great inspiration to stay connected despite your differences or geographical location.

The miles between you and your loved ones are just that; numbers, lines, and grids on a map. The closeness and love you share never dissipates, and might in fact, in an abstract way, bring you even closer together than ever before.

Celebrate love, celebrate family, and celebrate life!

Our very best wishes to you and your family!

Dolce Vita Baskets

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